Dental Veneers in Crestwood, KY

An excellent alternative to crowns, veneers can perfect your smile by masking stains, hiding chips, correcting misalignment, and creating uniformity. Veneers are made of thin, customized material designed to slide over the teeth. They look incredibly natural and can be long lasting.

Porcelain veneers for a natural looking smile

Porcelain veneers are the most attractive and natural looking material for creating a more beautiful smile. They require a minimal amount of tooth reduction (approximately 0.5 mm – 1 mm) and thus are a more conservative restoration than a crown. Veneers allow us to alter tooth position, shape, size and color. They are not the only alternative for aesthetic abnormalities, but are truly a remarkable restoration.

Porcelain veneers are the best choice

When your teeth need improvement in alignment (straightening) especially if there are issues of color (not bright or white enough).
If your teeth are not heavily filled, especially if the existing fillings are small and most of the tooth’s enamel is still present.
When you feel orthodontic correction of tooth alignment does not fit your life style.

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