Don’t settle for a life with few or no teeth—our team at Carroll Dental care can get you the help you need! Teeth are a natural part of our design and make-up. They help us communicate and eat. They are vital to many social situations as well. 

When you don’t have most or any of your teeth, your existing teeth will move about to compensate for that, causing them to undergo extreme wear and tear, and ultimately changing the shape of your jaw as well. If you have no teeth at all, you’re limited in your abilities to interact with people and consume the food you need to live. 

Dental advances over the years have worked specifically to correct this problem that many patients deal with. One possible solution you can consider? Dentures. 

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are created to replace missing teeth. They most often are used to replace whole sets of missing teeth. 

Today, there are several other options you can consider that might be a better solution for you and your smile. Traditional dentures are supported by the soft and hard tissues of the mouth as well as with the aid of a type of dental adhesive used to hold everything in place. Other options may be supported by implants in your jawbone. They also can be removable or permanent.

Types of Dentures

Not all dentures are created equal. For some patients, one kind will work better than it would for others. At Carroll Dental Care, we’re here for you—to help you figure out which type of denture is the right fit literally and metaphorically. 

Your smile deserves to be the best it possibly can be! Dentures can help in that transformative journey. 

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures come in full or partial sets of upper and lower teeth. Like all dentures, they not only allow you to eat and communicate with ease, but they also support your facial muscles, helping your face appear full and whole. They can be removed and put back in at will. These are likely to be among the most affordable options of dentures. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth that can’t be restored through the use of a dental bridge for various reasons. They transform your smile from a gapped one to one full of beautiful, healthy teeth. Whether you need it for functional or aesthetic purposes, partial dentures are a great option to consider if you still have existing teeth. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Also known as denture implants, these types of dentures are the longest lasting option for patients considering restoration of their teeth. Implant-supported dentures are secured directly to your jawbone by using dental implants. 

These dentures can be removable by being secured onto the implants with snaps, or they can be permanent. With either choice, your implant-supported dentures provide extra security that allows you to eat food with greater ease and confidence!  

How Much Are Dentures?

What you might pay for a denture is going to depend on which type of denture you want to go with as well as how many teeth you’re missing. Where you live will also make a difference in price. You’ll want to discuss the cost with your personal dentist and see what they are inclined to charge. 

Denture Implants Cost

The cost of implant-supported dentures will likely be higher than traditional or partial dentures by virtue of its longer-lasting design and more in-depth placement procedure. However, the quality of the dentures being used can send prices sky-rocketing for traditional dentures. It’s advisable to discuss pricing as well as which type of denture will be best for your smile with your dentist. 

Find Affordable Dentures Near You at Carroll Dental Care

Get in touch with our team today with any questions regarding dentures. We’re looking forward to helping you decide on the best option to restore your smile.