The busiest time of the year is here and many people are getting ready to travel to visit family and friends. When preparing to travel there are many things to remember. To make packing a little easier, we’ve come up with a list of dental essentials to add to your packing list.

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste: This one may seem like an obvious choice, but it is easy to leave the toothbrush behind since it is hard to pack ahead of time. Many people brush their teeth the morning of their travels, then put their toothbrush away as they normally would, rather than pack it. Make sure to add both of these items to your packing list so you don’t forget to add it to your suitcase right before you leave.
  • Floss: Flossing is an important part of your every day dental routine. That shouldn’t change just because you are travelling. Pick up a mini-size floss at the store before your trip and it can fit comfortably in your suitcase, carry-on, or purse.
  • Travel Toothbrush: If you have a long day of travelling and won’t have an opportunity to unpack your suitcase to get your toothbrush, a travel size toothbrush should be packed in your carry-on bag. Having a mini-size toothbrush on hand can be very helpful if you are stuck at the airport for a while, or have a long day of travelling in the car.
  • Mouth Rinse: Mouth rinse can be tricky to pack since most are large bottles, but packing a mini-size bottle of mouth rinse makes it easy to freshen your breath on-the-go. Also, if you are flying to your destination, make sure that the bottle size meets all FDA regulations.
  • Nighttime Appliances: If you are someone that wear appliances at night, such as a night guard or retainer, it is extremely important to pack these. These can also be easy to forget, so adding them to your packing list is a must.

Whether you’re travelling via airplane, train, or car, it is important to have these dental essentials packed with you at all times. Keeping up with brushing and flossing while you are away is very important to maintaining your overall oral health.

What are your best packing or travelling tips? Share them with us in the comments below! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Carroll Dental Care.

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